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The Hardest Working Stills in Carbondale


Affectionately named “Hazel”, our 250 gallon Vendome Copper Pot Still works hard every day to finish our Vodka, Whiskies and Liqueurs. Vendome Copper and Brassworks has been making stills in Louisville, KY for over a century.

We pride ourselves on utilizing distilling equipment made in America

Distilling Tanks

Our stripping still is a 500 gallon working gal made by Paul Caldwell from Confederate Stills of Alabama – Paul’s Granddaddy distilled for the confederates, so his company is appropriately named. Paul is a master woodworker and also hand-crafted our open cypress fermentation tanks – an old world approach to whiskey fermentation.

Our mash tun and distillery tanks are also Colorado natives, fabricated by Bennett Forgeworks in Ridgeway.

150 Main Street, Carbondale, CO 81623
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