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Sustainable by Design

As the vision for Marble Distilling Co. & The Distillery Inn became a reality - so did a sustainable building design and distilling process.  One of our mission’s is to conserve our resources by putting into place sound water conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Distillery Process

The MDC building is the first major commercial building to meet the requirements of the International Green Construction Code in the town of Carbondale, CO.  It is a multi-use building with a distillery, tasting room, and luxury guest rooms in the historic commercial core of Carbondale. The building goes above and beyond the requirements of the Green Building Code - a Zepi code of 6.98 - compared to the maximum required by Carbondale for the IGCC of 47. The building is 85% more efficient than local code requires. With an integrated systems approach utilizing the heat from the distilling process to heat the distillery, tasting room and Inn as well as recapturing that heat and water for utilization in the distilling process and for domestic use.

Distillery Water Savings

The Yule Quarry - home of the marble used for the columns of the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier have been integral not only in the design but the actual distilling process. MDC's vodka is filtered through crushed Yule marble rather than a traditional carbon or charcoal and it is finished with water from the Crystal River in Marble.

The finishes in the building were sourced from local materials including an abundant use of the local marble from the Yule Quarry.  A solar array rounds out the sustainable initiatives utilized in the MDC building. A fully integrated controls system, through a graphical user interface, also allows the buildings managers to ensure maximization of stored energy.  Beyond design and systems - MDC works hard to utilize local materials in the day to day operations of the business.  

Carbondale Renewable Energy

All distilling equipment is 100% American made - which is very rare in the distilling world.  All grains are sourced locally and Colorado grown and stillage (distilled grains) is given to local ranchers for livestock feed and compost. Guest room amenities are sourced locally from Carbondale and Steamboat Springs (Osmia Organics & Ranch Organics) and tasting boards served at The Marble Bar feature Colorado meats & cheeses (Avalanche Cheese Co, MouCo & Haystack Mountain Cheese)

Thermal storage tanks

MDC has also capitalized on the Colorado climate by utilizing free cooling overnight, from a roof-mounted dry cooling system, to cool water in one of the 5000 gallon tanks for cooling the building as well as the water for the distillation process. Beyond the requirements of the code there are many materials utilized throughout the building from the place where the vision and the recipes for MDC began - Marble, CO.

150 Main Street, Carbondale, CO 81623
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