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Colorado Spirits

Inspired by the pioneers of Marble, Colorado, Marble Distilling Co. is continuing the Colorado tradition of creating something extraordinary utilizing Colorado’s natural resources.  “We don’t just make Colorado Spirits, we make the Spirit of Colorado in every sip.”

Taste a bit of Colorado’s natural bounty with every sip.  Born from the purest water, Crystal River headwaters are filtered through 99.5% calcite Yule marble, the same marble used for the Lincoln Memorial and the strongest marble known to man. Pure water and all natural grains are the cornerstone of all our small batch spirits. We add the hard work and commitment to quality that it takes to produce truly handcrafted, artisan spirits.

Marble Distilling Co. makes handcrafted Marble Vodka from local Colorado grains, Gingercello – a modern adaptation from the lemon Italian classic, and Moonlight EXpresso – family recipe utilizing local Bonfire Coffee from the other side of Main Street. Whiskey and Bourbon will soon be released too.

150 Main Street, Carbondale, CO 81623
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